The Fine Cut engraving department has been devoted to quality, precision and innovation for over thirty years. We’re renowned in the industry for our use of the most advanced laser technology, and for our team of highly skilled craftsmen.  We can cut and laser engrave almost any type of wood, producing photo-quality images and precision cutting with plywood, MDF, natural and painted woods. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you. 

  • Plywood

    A popular material for laser cutting and marking, the range of veneered plywood finishes available makes this a material of choice for producing anything from Christmas tree decorations to theatre sets and roofing components. 

  • MDF

    A supremely versatile product, MDF allows for photographic quality marking and crisp, precise cutting. We can respond to almost any design brief with MDF, thanks to our industry experience and the vast range of machinery we work with. 

    Example: MDF


  • Natural Woods

    An increasingly popular material for point-of-sale applications, laser cut natural wood adds remarkable character to all manner of promotional fixtures and signage - among other items. 

    Example: Mahogany


  • Painted Woods

    Whether laser cutting or engraving the painted surface to reveal the wood below, we frequently complete projects of all sizes with a wide variety of painted wood.

The below table details which woods can be laser marked and / or cut.

Laser Mark Laser Cut
Plywood Yes Yes
MDF Yes Yes
Natural Woods Yes Yes
Painted Woods Yes Yes

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engraving in wood

Client Testimonials

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for the laser cuttings of the cardboard. The guys were really pleased with them, and thought the cost was very reasonable too, so thanks for that.”

- Chloe , Product Designer

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Our experts are always available to discuss any engraving, marking, etching or cutting requirement and would welcome the opportunity to talk it through. Whether you need advice or want to receive a quote, just get in touch and we’re confident we will find the perfect solution for your requirement.

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