Bespoke Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads

Bespoke Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads


Our Graphic Overlays are manufactured to withstand everyday wear in the toughest of environments and our Membrane Keypads are expertly manufactured giving your product a durable professional finish and total reliability, no matter the operating environment.


What is a Graphic Overlay?

Its exactly as the name states – a printed graphic which is overlaid onto a device as an interface panel. Aesthetics combined with functionality, they can be applied to complete the look and feel of many electronic products.

Screen or digitally printed, our Graphic Overlays can be manufactured from a range of materials, including mark resistant PVC, polycarbonate and polyester – depending on your application, environment and durability expectations.

Commonly used for control panels, they can withstand everyday wear and tear within the toughest of environments. Durability is key, and our overlays can be manufactured with UV, water and chemical resistant textures, as well as RFI/ESD shielding (to reduce electronic malfunction)

Manufactured in house, we offer a range of options for your Graphic Overlays;

  • Buttons – embossed or flat
  • Anti glare LCD windows & LED windows
  • Secret till lit windows & legends
  • Die cut apertures and shaped profiles
  • A range of material and adhesive combinations
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What is a Membrane Keypad?

Its a Graphic Overlay with the addition of a circuit layer and electronic functions built into the sub-assembly of the product. A common Membrane Keypad will consist of the top layer – the Graphic Overlay, reverse printed for durability on to either Polycarbonate or Polyester. In between the overlay and the rear adhesive are several spacer layers, a dome retainer – to hold in place the metal domes on a circuit and the actual circuit layer – printed using conductive silver ink.

A wide range of pressure sensitive adhesives are available to bond our Membranes to most surfaces both rough and smooth including metal, plastic and paint. Environmental conditions that the switch will be subjected to also have a bearing on the required adhesive.

Membrane Keypads offer unmatched flexibility and options include;

  • Buttons – domed, pillow or rim embossed
  • Backlighting – a variety of different types of embedded LED
  • Surface Textures – rough or smooth textures and UV hard coat surface finish
  • Internal Coatings – such as EMI/RFI shielding to reduce electronic malfunction
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Both Membrane Keypads and Graphic Overlays can be ATEX (hazard of explosive atmospheres) and UL (global safety certification company) approved, depending on material selection. They can also be mounted to steel and aluminium panels or ABS mouldings if required. Metal panels can be supplied or we are able to laser cut them in house to your requirements.

Our products can be used within so many industries for a variety of applications – therefore many parameters need to be to be considered prior to manufacture, including environmental, mechanical, electrical and aesthetic to ensure they are suited to their environment and fit for purpose.

Our dedicated sales team are experts in their field and have years of knowledge to guide and recommend the best suited product for your application.


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Bespoke Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads