An expertly manufactured membrane keypad signifies the absolute quality of your product.

Together with our overseas partners, we manufacture membrane keypads to your design specifications to suit any environment, offering a full bespoke print, build and test capability. Using UL approved and FR rated materials we manufacture to the highest quality.

A variety of surface finishes are available on the keypads from smooth anti-glare to velvet textured with display windows which can be clear or tinted and icons which can be secret-until-lit if required.

LEDs can also be included along with backlighting using Light Guide Film. Shielding layers, RFI/ESD/EMC can also be incorporated.

Buttons can be either pillow or rim embossed and for a tactile feel stainless steel domes or polyester (polyformed) domes can be used.

Rigid support panels can also be supplied with PCB and LED assemblies

Male or Female connectors / ZIF connectors are supplied to interface with your PCB.

Touch screen capacitive switches can also be supplied as well as dome arrays for use with silicon mats.

Additional features available with our membrane keypads:

  • Completely bespoke design service
  • A variety of switch types
  • A range of permanent adhesives
  • IP rating

Made to last, we guarantee our membranes are of the highest quality with each part undergoing a rigorous & traceable testing process by our team prior to dispatch.

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