Traffic light labelling called for by Which?

01st September 2011 - Fine Cut

Product labels on children's food should have a traffic light system to demonstrate any nutritional information, according to consumer watchdog Which?.

The organisation said the approach would mean busy parents would not need to scrutinise food labels to work out which items are best for their kids. In fact, research has shown that 70 per cent of adults would back the system.

Which? made the statement after finding that 81 per cent of parents include pre-packaged snacks in their children's lunchboxes, with its executive director, Richard Lloyd, commenting: "These products might seem like handy fillers for your child's lunchbox, but they can be bad for their health and your wallet."

The call for traffic light nutritional information on food labels was echoed by a representative for The Children's Food Campaign, Kawther Hashem, who pointed out in The Guardian how doctors in the UK are also backing the move.

He suggested the government is failing to address the obesity problem in the country by not introducing the system.

According to the Independent, research featured in the Lancet predicted 26 million people in the UK will be obese by 2030. There are a number of approaches that - in theory at least - will combat the issue and save costs at the same time.

Chief among these options was traffic light labelling, which was identified as one of the most effective and cheapest.

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