What Is Laser Marking?

Laser Marking is a process which uses a constant beam of concentrated light to create a mark on a surface. When the laser beam hits a surface, the energy produced is transferred in the form of heat – the focused beam of light alters the materials properties and appearance creating precise, high contrast marks on to almost any surface. 

The energy released by a laser beam is measured in ‘wavelengths’ (or nanometres) – the higher the wavelength, the more powerful the beam. The different levels of wavelengths are attributed to different types of laser machines which are suited to different applications;

Fibre Lasers – This wavelength is perfect for marking metals because the high energy is absorbed by the material

CO2 Lasers – Able to generate wavelengths to cover a wide range of organic materials such as wood, but also plastics such as Acrylic

We house both types of laser machine at Fine Cut and therefore can fulfil almost any requirement.

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