Supermarkets vow to improve labels

09th August 2013 - Fine Cut
Supermarkets vow to improve labels

Four supermarket retailers have promised to improve their labelling systems following a campaign to allow consumers to compare the price of products easily.

The Co-operative, Waitrose and Aldi are the latest companies to commit to the scheme launched by consumer watchdog Which? last year, following in the footsteps of Morrisons that signed up to the initiative from the start.

It comes after campaigners called on supermarkets to end inconsistent and hard-to-read labelling last year, claiming the unclear shelf markers make it difficult for consumers to identify the deals that could save them money.

Research carried out by the watchdog revealed 78 per cent of customers shop around for the best prices on their groceries, with the current economic climate encouraging 43 per cent to compare prices when in stores.

As part of the plans, retailers will display a consistent unit price, while ensuring they include this value on promotional items - allowing customers to see exactly how much money they will be saving with the purchase.

In addition, companies have cowed to ensure the labels are clearly visible and adhere to Royal National Institute of Blind People guidelines as much as possible.

The steps were welcomed by business secretary Vince Cable, who said the scheme is necessary to help customers get the best value and a fairer deal.

He also stressed the importance of clear labelling in supermarkets, which will help savvy individuals work out how they can save on their weekly shop.

Which? director Richard Lloyd said: "Hard-pressed shoppers want to know at a glance what the cheapest deal is without having to get their calculators out, so it's a win for consumers that four major supermarkets have committed to improving their labels.

"The remaining supermarkets should now follow suit and listen to the thousands of people that have backed the Which? campaign."

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