New labelling outlined for electronics

04th April 2014 - Fine Cut
New labelling outlined for electronics

Manufacturers of electronic products around the world will now have to adhere to brand new labelling requirements before they ship goods to India.

A new system has been put in place by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which requires companies to ensure items are labelled with certification tags before they are brought into the country.

Under the previous system, businesses had been able to use regular stickers to label any items that were going to India.

However, the new requirements state that the certification standard must now be screen printed, embossed or engraved onto the item itself and added to the packaging.

The changes were first announced late last month and have came into force today (April 4th), but they have provoked a mixed response from the electronics industry, reports the Hindu.

For instance, an unnamed executive from one IT hardware company told the newspaper that the system adopted by the BIS is "completely impractical".

The source said it would be difficult to implement because electronic items such as tablets could not have their labels engraved "without significant investment into our tooling operations".

"This is not even done globally," the executive remarked.

In addition, the source said the new labelling requirements are unlikely to have significant benefits for customers.

"It doesn't make much of a difference whether it's a sticker or an engraved label," the insider commented.

Another source from a leading electronic products firm added that the measures would be expensive to businesses and said the time limit given to the industry by the BIS is "almost impossible to achieve".

A number of businesses have therefore informed the organisation of their concerns, although there is no suggestion as yet that it will accede to their wishes and change the labelling system in line with their wishes.

The Hindu newspaper added that the changes represent "another regulatory wrench" for the electronic products sector.

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