ISO world standards released for packaging and environment

29th May 2012 - Fine Cut

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released its world standards on packaging and environment, reports.

Marketed as the beginning of a new era in global manufacturing and distribution, the final texts of the ISO world standards have been finalised and are ready for translation before they are distributed around the world in October.

The new plans are thought to include measures to improve the environmental aspects of packaging throughout the entire supply and recycling chain. This is expected to be done at the packaging design stage, meaning the process of designing and creating industrial labels will need to be done sustainably and in accordance with renewed industry standards.

The standards are also aimed at optimising packaging systems, as well as business usage of reusing, recycling, recovering energy and composting, as well as the ways they all relate to one another.

At a gathering in Seoul's COEX Conference Centre, members of the ISO Committee TC122/SC4 Packaging and Environment voted unanimously to approve the changes. This event followed similar plenary meetings in Atlanta, Tokyo and Beijing. The first meeting, where the work began in 2009 was in Stockholm.

Responsibility will then fall on retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers to implement the standards and ensure their output is standardised and sustainable, reports.

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