Future labels could include exercise information

19th December 2011 - Fine Cut

Junk food labels could come with an fitness warning in a bid to inform people how much exercise could be required to burn off the calories found in a product, reports Marie Claire.

Health conditions such as obesity, type-2 diabetes and heart disease have all been cited as brought upon by the consumption of an excessive amount of junk food.

In order to test whether the information would be an effective deterrent, researchers posted three different signs outside a corner shop to see how sales would be affected.

According to Huffington Post, one sign indicated that the average can of fizzy drink contained 250 calories. Another revealed that the drink is 10 per cent of their recommend daily intake, while the final sign suggested the drink would need 50 minutes of running in order to burn off the calories found in the product.

Corner shops experienced a 50 per cent slump in sales of fizzy drinks when the final sign was published, while the calorie revelation was also effective (40 per cent decline in sales).

Dr Sara Bleich, a researcher in the study, commented on the findings: "Because of the health problems associated with junk food, it is critical to explore the most effective strategies for presenting caloric information to consumers on fast food restaurant menu boards."

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