Energy groups call for more accurate eco-labelling

23rd March 2011 - Fine Cut

An energy enforcement group is urging manufacturers and retailers to be more accurate when using 'green' product labels on their white goods if they want to avoid fines, reports Labelling News.

Sust-it says better and clearer standards eco-labelling are needed if the EU is to meet it's target of a 20 per cent reduction in energy usage by 2012. They say that current labels can be confusing for consumers, where uncertain retailers are "green washing" their goods with inaccurate energy claims.

Research by Defra showed that non-compliance with energy efficiency regulations was at 15 - 25 per cent, consequently, the National Measurement Office (NMO), who enforce the EU's energy standards and labelling, are considering fines for consistent offenders.

Defra parliamentary undersecretary, Lord Henley was cited by "Consumers who are choosing more efficient products - to either save money or to reduce their emissions or both - deserve to be 100 per cent sure that the product they are buying delivers the standard it promises."

In one case, labelling falsely advertised an E/F rated freezer was A+, claiming it was 77 per cent more energy efficient than in reality, costing consumers an extra £22.03 per year to run.

Sust-it founder Ross Lammas said, quoted by "Energy labelling and eco-design standard have been crucial in getting manufacturers and retailers to recognise the value of energy efficiency and in raising consumer awareness, but if the predicted environmental benefits are to be achieved, it is vital that it is properly enforced, especially as brands feature their eco credentials so heavily in marketing." 

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