Consumers want 'Made in Britain' labels

03rd May 2011 - Fine Cut

'Made in Britain' product labels would be welcomed by UK consumers, according to the Financial Times.

UK cooker manufacturer, Stoves, is spearheading a 'Made in Britain' campaign to help consumers identify where their produce comes from.

The move came after Stoves, based in Merseyside, surveyed 1,000 people and found that half were confused about what was made in the country and which brands were British.

Over two-thirds of people polled agreed that an official seal was needed.

Sharing their sentiment, Stoves CEO, Denver Hewlett, told The Yorkshire Post: "The confusion lies in identifying what products are manufactured in the UK."

"A standard industry marque would certainly help the public in their purchasing decisions, and it is something we intend to use on all of our made-in-Britain products as a result of this campaign."

Brands that were mistakenly thought to be manufactured in the UK included HP Sauce (produced in the Netherlands), Royal Doulton ceramics (various overseas locations) and Dyson vacuum cleaners (made in Malaysia).

In an encouraging move, the European Parliament has recently voted that food retailers should label products clearly with their country of origin.  Furthermore, similar schemes have been attempted in Spain and America, but have seen limited success.

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