Consumers told to check labels for fake vodka

29th May 2013 - Fine Cut

Residents in Birmingham have been told to carefully check labels of the vodka they are drinking after fakes have been discovered.

There have been a number of reports about a faulty version of SELEKT vodka in the area, with trading standards officers from Birmingham City Council already having seized versions of the vodka in Handsworth. The council has now warned consumers to look out for any further copies and to contact officials if they have any further information on the fakes.

It is claimed that legitimate versions of the 70cl vodka will contain a label which has a varnished, glossy label to touch, whereas the fake bottles carry a label which has a matte finish. The vodka is only available in ASDA stores to, so if found anyway else, it is likely to be suspect.

The faulty drink is said to be a worry, as it contains high levels of methanol, which could be harmful to health, according to

Talking about the situation, councillor Barbara Dring, chair of the Licensing and Public Protection Committee told "We are very concerned about the sale of this product in Birmingham, not just from a fraud point of view, but also because of the potential harm this product can cause if consumed."

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