Cigarette warning labels act as successful deterrent to ex-smokers

26th April 2012 - Fine Cut

The graphic warning labels featured on cigarette packets are highly effective at preventing ex-smokers from smoking again, according to a new survey.

The worldwide poll, which questioned ex-smokers on how they fight the urge to take up the habit again, found that a high proportion use the images on the cigarette labels as motivation.

Almost 2,000 recent ex-smokers across the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom were questioned as part of the survey.

The figures add to previous evidence which suggested that the graphic labels had a positive effect on helping smokers quit buying cigarettes, as well as discouraging non-smokers from taking up the habit in the first place.

"Our results provide the first prospective evidence that warning labels can have a protective benefit for recent ex-smokers over a period of at least one year after quitting," claimed one of the researchers in an interview with shortly after the results were released.

The researchers suggested that both the graphic images and the novel warnings featured on the labels were effective at discouraging smoking amongst their sample group.

According to, the researchers involved suggested that ex-smokers should be encouraged to keep some of the warning labels to hand in case they feel the urge to resume the habit.

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