Cardboard drinks can unveiled

28th November 2011 - Fine Cut

German-based packaging company Keienburg has pioneered a new can for carbonated beverages that could change the look and taste of canned liquids forever.

The can, made of a patented multilayer board, has been developed for a wide range of contents, which could include beer, soft drinks, juices and coffee.

According to Keienburg, drinks stored in its cardboard packaging will actually stay colder for longer compared to those kept in a thin metal can. However, the top of the product is still made of standard aluminium so users can access the familiar soft drink ring pull.

As well as the alleged taste benefits for consumers, it's possible that custom labels manufacturers may also warm to the innovation, due to its uniqueness, sustainability qualities and flexibility over metal cans.

Keienburg spokesman Thomas Dregger told Packaging News that the aim of developing a cardboard can was to capitalise on the cheapness of the raw materials and also negate fees taken by the government every time a metal can was sold.

"The reason for developing the cardboard can was Germany's deposit regulation from 2003 which forced beverage resellers to take a deposit fee of 0.25 Euros per each can at the Point of Sale (POS)," he said, cites

"The result was a huge decrease of can sales in Germany. So, the beginning of our efforts was the aim to invent a can which will be labelled as "Environmental Advantageous" [German law phrase] to be accepted from Germany's deposit regulations."

Dregger added that the firm is in talks with one of the "world's top three brewing companies" to see if it can test the product in one of their plants.

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