American labelled yogurt told to change 'misleading' labels

27th March 2013 - Fine Cut

An American yoghurt producer has been told to change its 'misleading' labels on its product.

New-York based Chobani labels itself as a 'Greek yoghurt', even though the product is made in the US. However a London court has ordered for the labels to be changed after a complaint was made by a Greek rival company of the product Fage, who make Total Greek yoghurt.

Fage argued that people who buy the yoghurt generally believe that Greek yoghurt is made in Greece, however Chobani claimed it is used to refer to the way the yoghurt is made. However, Mr Justice Briggs, who made the ruling, agreed with Fage, saying more than half of consumers in Britain think the yoghurt is made in Greece.

He also claimed in his written decision that the small print on Chobani pots which stated it was made in the US was 'nowhere near sufficient' to inform consumers that they product was actually made in Greece.

Talking about the decision, Carole Pucik, International communications director of Chobani, defended the product, telling "We have not traded as Chobani Greek Yoghurt since the beginning of December 2012, but Chobani fat free strained yoghurt. Our product is also clearly labelled that it is produced in the US."

She continued: "Chobani remains on supermarket shelves across the UK, bringing British consumers the choice they deserve in the yoghurt aisle."

Chobani is the top Greek producer in the US, according to

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