UK wine drinkers prefer traditional labels

18th May 2011 - Fine Cut

UK wine drinkers are more inclined to buy bottles of wine with simple labels as opposed to those with lavishly decorated designs, according to research.

The research was undertaken by Wine Intelligence, which revealed that UK and US drinkers aren't fussy about the eccentric fonts and glamourised images that adorn some wine brands.

In fact, they would much prefer a traditional vineyard and chateau image - as Wine Intelligence's Marina Ferfolja told Off-Licence News: "This sort of label is perceived as classy, expensive and French, and reinforces the perception of what wine is supposed to be."

"Its traditional choice cues helped consumers to understand what to expect from a wine," she added.

When asked what product labels appealed most to UK wine drinkers, the majority said that they would rather purchase a bottle that carried a classic clear text on a white background - in a vein similar to the brand Jacob's Creek.

Wine Intelligence's chief executive Lulie Halstead noted that there was not always a direct correlation between the attractiveness of a label and likelihood to buy, but "there is a slight difference between attractiveness and purchase intent."

According to Vineyard Headlines, the research found that consumers in the US had broadly the same taste in design as those in the UK. However, Americans were more inclined to be attracted to a wider spectrum of styles.

Another expert, Erica Donoho from Wine Intelligence's US arm, put the findings down to the fact that Americans have less preconceptions as to what a bottle of wine and its labelling should look like compared to UK drinkers.

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