'Ten Commandments' memorabilia sells for thousands at auction

02nd January 2013 - Fine Cut

Famous props from the 1956 Hollywood epic 'The Ten Commandments' have been sold for almost £40,000 at an auction in California, news-panel.com reports.

The 'stone' tablets upon which the commandments were engraved were just one of the lots available at 'Drama, Action, Romance: The Hollywood Auction'. Each measured 23 inches tall by 12 inches wide and featured genuine Canaanite script.

Rather than using modern-day techniques such as laser engraving, the tablets were etched by hand to produce the ancient appearance that - according to the sales brochure - was "slightly irregular with moulded chips, craters and dings since they were to be carved with God's fire bolts".

The tablets were famously used by Charlton Heston's Moses and were sold to an unnamed bidder for £37,000, telegraph.co.uk reports. The winner also received a certificate of authenticity from the family of the tablets' creator, A.J. Ciraolo. 

The tablets weren't the biggest seller, however. Among the other film props was a Smith & Weston Hand Ejector Mark II pistol used by Harrison Ford as 'Indiana Jones'. Most famously seen during the shoot-out at the Raven bar, the pistol sold for £46,000. Meanwhile one bidder paid £50,000 for a full 'Alien' warrior creature costume, used in the 1986 sci-fi movie.

However, it was to the small screen that the most money went: Mr Spock's blue tunic from the original 'Star Trek' TV series sold for £60,000. A pair of his pointy ears sold for a modest £900. 

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