Safety in farming is vital for staff wellbeing

10th October 2013 - Fine Cut
Safety in farming is vital for staff wellbeing

Taking steps to prevent accidents is an important aspect of any business strategy, but the very nature of some industries means that the safety of staff should be a key priority at all times.

While accidents can happen in any place and at any time, managers in the agricultural sector in particular may find they need to roll out additional safety measures to protect the wellbeing of employees.

Fine Cut understands the importance of a detailed health and safety strategy, meaning we are able to provide innovative solutions for a range of applications. All of our agricultural labels are manufactured using high-quality materials, featuring permanent and high tack adhesive combinations to ensure they are durable.

Farming businesses could benefit greatly from the use of our services. Our variety of products serve several purposes, which could improve your workplace.

Warning labels, instruction labels, automatic feeders, cable marking labels and drilling machinery are just a number of the many uses for our labels.

Companies failing to comply with health and safety legislation can be prosecuted for their lack of care. A pig farm based in Teesside was recently found guilty for breaching regulations when a member of staff was seriously injured when a feed hopper fell from a piece of loading equipment.

F Brunton and Sons was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay £5,153 in legal costs after 45-year-old Imogen Simpson sustained two skull fractures, a crushed left ankle and had her leg broken in four places.

An investigation following the incident revealed the equipment had been unsuitable for the task Ms Simpson was trying to carry out, while there was no safe system of dealing with feed blockages.

Jonathan Wills, a Health and Safety Executive official, said: "By failing to use suitable equipment the firm needlessly put its employees at risk."

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