Poor printed labels are one of the reasons why gardeners don't buy roses

06th September 2010 - Fine Cut

Only one in three gardeners have bought a rose in recent years, and people say that poor printed labels are one of the reasons why.

As reported by Horticulture Week, more guidance about the printed labels for roses should be given to gardeners. They fail to reassure gardeners how easy they are to grow, as the lack of advice on the printed labels often leads people confused about buying the flower.

"This research really helps to identify where the opportunities lie to grow the market for roses," explained Tim Briercliffe from the Horticultural Trades Association. "Marginal gardeners need more help and guidance with labelling and information about roses and can feel 'lost' when choosing a rose. The challenge lies ahead to demystify the rose for marginal gardeners while still appealing to the core market of keen gardeners."

The research by Ipsos Mori found that there is a low level of satisfaction with the labelling of roses among gardeners.

Carl Wilson, sales manager for Whartons, said: "Roses still have this perception with the consumer of being difficult to grow and if we can promote newer, stronger and better varieties while improving, modernising and simplifying point of sale in garden centres, then this has to be the way forward."

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