New Tesco app lets customers scan barcodes to search for stock

07th June 2010 - Fine Cut

Tesco has updated its iPhone app so that users can scan barcodes which check stock levels at the nearest store, according to Internet Retailing.

The Tesco Finder app utilises the iPhone camera so you scan barcode labels on your favourite products and it will tell you if it is in stock at your nearest store.

It also allows the items and others that have been located via the more traditional search function, to be added to shopping lists. You can create, and save, new shopping lists, rather than constantly having to update the one list in the previous version. You can also delete shopping lists, even when there are products in it still.

According to the description on iTunes, once you've written a shopping list the app will help you "satnav" your way around a Tesco store "without needing any network connection." It lets you choose a store, and your products will be grouped by their aisle location in that store.

Tesco has also announced that its club card app, which allows smartphone users to scan their club card, has had half a million downloads since it was launched earlier this year. According to the Tech for Tesco blog, the new clubcard app had 72,708 downloads a day after it was launched mid-May.

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