NC3R rolls out new labelling initiative

26th November 2013 - Fine Cut
NC3R rolls out new labelling initiative

A new labelling system aimed at reducing the number of animals used during medical research has been launched by the UK's National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3R).

As part of the plans, which were reported by PharmaTimes, the new label is set to include information on the number of animals and species that will benefit from particular research, along with the sector it applies to and the scientific discipline involved.

The move will also determine whether the main focus of the work is to replace animals with an alternative method, reduce how many animals are used or benefit animal welfare.

New labels will be used during NC3R's operations next year and are set to feature in research grants, studentships and fellowships - along with the centre's collaborative data-sharing programmes with industry and academia.

The centre has also launched four films on its YouTube channel, in which researchers funded by NC3R describe the impact their work could have on the reduction of the number of animals used in research.

Its latest labelling initiative follows the development of the body's first ever evaluation framework for the 3Rs - replacement, refinement and reduction. This allows the organisation to examine the impact of its work in the long term.

Dr Vicky Robinson, the centre's chief executive, said: "Many NC3Rs activities will only deliver national and international 3Rs benefits in the medium-to-long term since they are dependent on the acceptance and adoption of innovative new approaches by scientists, regulators and research funders."

The official went on to note that providing a best estimate early on will not only help the body to demonstrate why a particular measure is important, but also how the organisation's science-led activities can benefit millions of animals around the world.

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