Labelling research notes popularity of sleeves

07th September 2011 - Fine Cut

A new study has shown the extent to which sleeves are growing in popularity in the world of industrial labels, with this type of packaging accounting for 12 per cent of the global market.

The Alexander Watson Associates (AWA) report predicted that the compound annual growth rate for the labelling technology is set to range between 4.5 per cent - five per cent over the next four years, according to Packaging Europe.

Of all the options available, including the stretch sleeve and MD-shrink sleeve, it is heat-shrink sleeves that dominate the industry; making up more than three quarters of the sector.

The Global Sleeve Label Market and Technology Review identified this type of packaging as the area with the highest predicted growth rate of all labelling types.

European Plastics pointed out that PVC sleeves are the most popular option, but there is increasing interest in PET-G, OPS and PLA, which is gaining a great deal of attention due to its 'green' credentials.

Sleeve labels are an alternative to pressure-sensitive and glue-applied packaging, which are often considered to be the traditional choice.

AWA's report explores the technology and materials prevalent in the industry, while also taking into account how environmental concerns are changing the landscape of the industry.

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