JDO updates bottle brand with a new label

24th February 2014 - Fine Cut
JDO updates bottle brand with a new label

At a time when the commercial climate is arguably more competitive than ever before, it is extremely important that companies are doing everything in their power to retain an edge over rivals.

Now, Norwegian bottled water brand Farris is aiming to do just that with an exciting rebranded look, created by JDO Brand Design & Innovation.

The work has highlighted the importance of a good label when it comes to projects of this kind. Creative director behind the rebrand Paul Drake explained: "We took the best of the past and premiumised the packs. Every aspect of the design has been revitalised to inject modern and premium cues, from the identity lock up and colour-coded caps through to the metallic label and the bottle structure."

JDO was also tasked with developing the polyethylene terephthalate - better known as PET by industry professionals - structure in the wider context of a portfolio review for the country's oldest bottled water brand. Paper labels were replaced by pressure sensitive ones for the firm's premium and core portfolio, while metallic labels were brought in for the core range.

As well as placing importance on an eye-catching label, this bottled water project has also illustrated the efficacy of simplicity. The concept of colour-coded caps arguably takes very little specialist design work and yet achieves a great result, informing customers which kind of a product it is at merely a glance.

However, if you are looking to carry out a similar design project, not everything is as simple as this unfortunately! This is why at Fine Cut, we have a team of experts on hand who are able to execute all of your more specialist operations when it comes to manufacturing labels, when you may not have the expertise yourself.

"We wanted to deliver designs that were worthy of this well-known and loved brand," added Mr Drake. Come and speak to us at Fine Cut to see what we could do for yours.

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