Heinz to bring spice-lovers together using socially-driven product labels

24th September 2012 - Fine Cut

Sauce and soup institution Heinz will bring spicy-food lovers together using socially-driven product labels in a new range of chili sauces.

Just-food.com reports that the 143-year old company is introducing three new products to the marketplace aimed at those with a fiery belly: a chipotle & garlic sauce, green jalapeno and a yellow habanero one.

Each 150ml bottle will contain a unique QR (quick response) code that will direct chili-lovers toward the company's Facebook page. From there, they'll be a range of other supporting content from rich-media sites like YouTube and micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Heinz will use these social channels to promote recipe guides and special offers surrounding the new sauces.

Speaking of the labelling promotion, Emma Rumble, senior brand manager at Heinz says: "The QR codes on the labels are a great way of optimising brand interaction, particularly during dwell time in restaurants.

"Consumers will be inspired by some delicious recipes from the Facebook page, as well as adding their own for other heat-seeking Heinz fans to enjoy."

All three of the sauces contain ingredients from home of the habanero, Mexico, and Heinz envisages them being used in both front-of-house and restaurant/home kitchen scenarios.

According to silobreaker.com, Ms Rumble added: "We know people love spicy flavours and we're confident that the taste and tingle (or fiery kick in case of the yellow habanero variant) of the sauces will liven up any mealtime!"

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