Gluten and dairy-free labels on the rise

27th September 2011 - Fine Cut

The number of food labels that describe the product as "free from" a specific ingredient is rising, according to market analysis from a research group.

Cited by, the results of's research found that due to the increasing number of Britons developing food allergies, labels of this kind have experienced "meteoric growth" in recent years.

What's more, the trend isn't set to die down any time soon, according to research specialist David Jago. Labels such as 'gluten-free', 'free from dairy' and those regarding other ingredients like wheat, soy, nuts or eggs are likely to become even more prevalent.

However they won't all continuing growing at the same rate, said Jago: "Dairy-free is likely to continue to grow faster." This could be because recently, the UK Food Standards Agency launched a campaign to highlight the number of food producers fraudulently claiming their food is dairy-free.

It urged consumers to double-check the dairy content prior to eating, if they were trying to avoid the ingredient.

The research director went on to confirm more results from his company's research, telling "One in 10 customers say they will avoid certain foods to be on the safe side. That indicates how mainstream it is going."

Currently, the UK leads in the Europe for the volume of 'free-from' products it sells; as 23 per cent of all groceries on sale throughout the nation carry labels of this kind.

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