Formula 1 star challenges beers label ruling

09th November 2012 - Fine Cut

Alcohol watchdog, Portman Group has ordered Jody Scheckter to withdraw his organic beer from shops, as it deemed the labelling 'appealing to children', writes.

The ex-formula 1 racing driver, who produces a range of organic food and drink, has been told that his beer bottles could breach marketing rules. Consequently, he has been advised to pull it from the shelves.

The printed labels feature a a drawing of 'Mr Laverstoke' a character that appears on all Laverstoke packaging. The drawing depicts Mr Scheckter as drawn by his son Freddie, who was four at the time.

A complaint was received by the Portman Group, bemoaning that fact that the image was the same on beer bottles as it was on apply juice and thus might attract under-age drinkers.

Mr Scheckter was understandably bemused, saying he found it hard to believe the image would encourage children to drink his alcohol. He added that the ruling was "nonsensical and without foundation" to

Vowing the fight the decision, Mr Scheckter sent a letter to the Portman Group which said: "This reaction to products that have been on sale for almost five years and sold over 170,000 bottles versus a single complaint, seems excessive to say the least.

"No retailers have reported problems with under-18s attempting to buy Laverstoke ale or lager."

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