Farah to engrave twins' names on gold medals

04th September 2012 - Fine Cut

Olympic distance runner, Mo Farah has announced he will have the names of his new twins engraved on his gold medals.

Farah told itv.com that his babies had inspired his Games success, saying that he was driven to win both his events so that each twin could have a medal. He has pledged to get their names - Aisha and Amani - engraved on each of the huge gold discs.

"I wanted to work so hard for them," Farah said on the 'Jonathan Ross Show'. "To give one a gold medal, the other would have been left out. I was thinking I definitely have to do it for my girls."

Farah might need to engage the services of a laser engraving company for the job, as this technique promises precise detailing, perfect for precious gold medals.

The world witnessed the poignant moment when heavily-pregnant wife, Tania and step-daughter Rihanna celebrated on the track after Farah was victorious in both the 5,000 and 10,000 metres. Farah and Tania had agreed that should she go into labour beforehand, Farah would not be told. The couple made this decision based on the 'lifetime's training and preparation that was at stake', metro.co.uk writes, enabling Farah to focus purely on winning.

Fortunately, the timing was perfect and the two little girls were born a few days after the athlete won his second race. 

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