EU tyre labelling policy still not reaching motorists

08th January 2013 - Fine Cut

A new tyre labelling regulation implemented by the EU still isn't reaching motorists despite the scheme being over two months old, reports

The regulation, which came into force from November 1st 2012, sees tyres rated in three areas: fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise. As a result, these labels can help drivers make the right choices when buying tyres, which then also impacts on fuel consumption, adds

However, around two-thirds of those surveyed by Continental tyres remained unaware of the initiative.

Peter Robb, brand manager at Continental, commented on the survey: "It's the biggest thing to happen to the industry for quite a while and it seems to be passing a few people by."

However, Robb did concede that its not very often people are in the market for new tyres so its feasible that they are unaware of the rule.

"If you're only in the market for new tyres every two years it could be a year-and-a-half before you're exposed to the tyre labelling. I think if we did the test in two years' time the awareness level would be quite high," he added.

At the moment, policing of the labels is still a big issue, according to Robb, as the Department for Transport has not yet announced how the label will be enforced. As a result, no penalties exist.

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