Clear labelling now required on animal products in EU

10th May 2012 - Fine Cut

Changes to the European Union's (EU's) textile labelling legislation mean animal products are now required to be clearly marked.

Writing for, reporter Leonie Barrie explained that product labels for materials such as fur and leather will need to feature the phrase "contains non-textile parts of animal origin".

The requirement is part of an alteration to the EU's labelling guidelines, with the new rules having come into force on Tuesday (May 8th). Ms Barrie said companies in member states are obligated to comply with the Textile Products (Labelling and Fibre Composition) Regulations 2012 now, but that a transitional period is in place until November 9th 2014.

She described how the legislation makes it mandatory to reveal fibre composition at all stages of industrial and commercial processing if 80 per cent of its weight comes from textiles. The guideline is "designed to make it easier for companies to launch new fibres".

According to, the bill was made on April 17th and laid before parliament on the following day. Its introduction via the EU was allowed due to the European Communities Act 1972.

In terms of the penalty for firms that do not comply with the rules, the legislation states that they can be ordered to pay a fine up to the statutory maximum.

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