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Professional Printing and Marking on Free Issue Parts

What products can be customised?

Almost all products can be customised either by printing, laser marking or engraving. Limitations on size and shape may factor and not all materials can be marked using all these processes. It’s best to discuss the concepts early with professionals like us in order to find the right choice.

Whilst all three methods have their specific use, laser marking is the most common choice. It’s speed, permanency and versatility, combined with precision detail and the ability to mark both flat and 3D components make it a firm favourite. 

A free issue part can be anything from a tube, disc or plate to electronic housing and casings, calibration equipment, machine front panels and parts. Stainless steel and aluminium parts laser with ease, leaving a smooth to the touch finish, hardly altering the surface of the material texturally, but creating a high contrast effect with the guarantee that the mark is completely permanent. 

Fine Cut are happy to discuss your requirements, but please note we do have a minimum order charge of £60 +artwork.


Services we offer

  • Branding – We can take your finished products and apply your logo. Large or small batches welcome.
  • Personalisation – Applying names to a product to give it that unique and personal touch.
  • Serialisation – Available in human-readable and coded forms such as Barcodes, QR codes or Data Matrix.
  • Certification and insignias – applying decals
  • Final packaging and shipping – After the final touches are made, we can help facilitate the packaging and shipping to your end customers. White label services available.

The most resilient and versatile way to permanently mark your products. Our impressive laser department boasts more than ten machines that can precision laser mark on to most metals woods and plastics…. not only an array of different materials, but to a variety of shapes and sizes both flat and 3D. 

Process features:

  • Fine detail and small text
  • Rotary laser marking
  • Variable data | QR & Barcodes
  • Incredible 0.1mm Accuracy
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Sometimes reverting to traditional works best – the versatility of this type of engraving enables detailed patterns and small type to be engraved at depth on to flat and curved surfaces. Ideal for complex parts and when depth is needed at speed.

Process features:

  • Ultimate durability
  • Fine detail and small text
  • Depth of up to 10mm
  • Rotary engraving
  • Engraving of 2D / 3D Shapes & Angles
  • Option of enamel or digital infill
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Our digital technology and impeccable colour matching ability, we’re able to offer full colour printing onto almost any substrate.

Our digital suite boasts some of the world’s best technology in advanced print solutions, take your product to the next level with direct to object print.

Process features:

  • Unlimited design scope
  • Photo quality print
  • UV durable
  • Creative finishes
  • Variable data | personalisation
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Let’s discuss your project.

Whether you have a full brief or just an idea, we’d love to share our expertise with you.

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What are free issue parts?

Free issue parts are customer supplied products, supplied to a company for them to add to or enhance in some way. In the our industry, a lot of products are free issued in order to add branding or serialisation. Here at Fine Cut, around 80% of the work which passes through our laser marking department is free issued.

“Laser marking on free issue parts is a core part of our business. A lot of time and value has gone into making a product and we’re often the final step before the product is ready to be sold. As a result, there’s no allowance for errors.

We test mark every time prior to the full production run to ensure the correct mark and positioning ae achieved. Only when our team is 100% confident will they mark the free issue parts”.

What products can be customised?

Almost anything can be customised within the parameters of our machine processes, some options may not suit certain materials. For example, you cannot digitally print onto silicone based products nor can you laser mark PVC based plastics.

It is very typical for companies like us to offer a range of options in order to meet our customers criteria. If one product cannot be digitally printed, there is often an option to screen print, laser mark, or apply a label or plate if direct to object marking is not suitable.

What does it cost to customise a product?

A lot of factors are taken into consideration when pricing a job such as quantity, size of the area to be marked which will affect the time it takes, as well as artwork are all key elements. We have a minimum order charge £60 + any additional artworking costs for the files to be produced and set up.

How long does it take to customise a product?

Laser marking is a very quick process itself. There is more time involved pre-production, including artwork, proofing and set up. But we offer quick turnaround times for multiple parts. General engraving creates a much deeper engraving and is therefore a slower process and digital print times vary depending on the type of design and application.

Almost always a jig is needed to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of free issue part marking. Ensuring each and every part is identical to the next.

Let’s discuss your project.

Whether you have a full brief or just an idea, we’d love to share our expertise with you.

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“I’d like to thank you for getting these labels to us so quickly. The labels are perfect too, very happy.”
Measurement Instrumentation
“We received the part this morning and it looks fantastic! Thank you so much for your hard work and incredibly quick turnaround time for a project so small. We…”
Automotive Manufacturer
“Part arrived this morning, now they are ready for dispatch to our customer, can’t thank you enough for the quick turnaround, it’s very much…”
Engineering Planner
“Thank you and your team for the speed with which you created and supplied the Turkish label sets. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”
Medical Manufacturer

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Let's discuss your project.

Whether you have a full brief or just an idea, we'd love to share our expertise with you.

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“Really pleased with the work and the super quick turn around. Many thanks”
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“We have just received it and its perfect!! Its absolutely fantastic, the detail is beautiful! Thank you again for all your help with this. I will be sure to...”
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“I am most pleased by the quality of the tools. Thank you once again for job ‘ well done ‘ by your skilled staff.”
“Part arrived this morning, now they are ready for dispatch to our customer, can’t thank you enough for the quick turnaround, it’s very much...”
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