The ‘Legacy Cauldron’ was commissioned by Bell Telecom (Canada) as a trophy to be presented to BT. The initial design and production was carried out by brand specialists SWARM, who selected Fine Cut for the detailed engraving due to our reputation for fine engravings and our flexibility with the difficult project.

The structure was designed with a three-dimensional Mobius Strip – which is a continuous surface with only one side – and was to feature an inscription in both English & French that read: “So the whole world can see and remember, So that billions feel like they were there.”

The inscription was hand engraved by Fine Cut’s team of experienced engravers, using traditional methods of hammer and flattened punch to make small indentations which together created each individual letter.

Fine Cut worked to a very tight time frame, completing the project in time to allow the gift to be presented to BT at an event between both companies.