A guide to Fine Cut's digital labels

18th December 2013 - Fine Cut
A guide to Fine Cut's digital labels

The need for high quality labels produced for companies operating across a variety of industries is a key priority that runs through all of Fine Cut's operations.

Our dedicated team of engineers and customer service specialists constantly strive to provide the best possible service for our customers. By choosing our services, enterprises can rest assured that they are receiving the best of the best in terms of label printing.

We also aim to ensure that firms are fully aware of the type of label that is best-suited to their digital requirements. We will deliver the best possible products with the most successful end results for your brand.

Due to the complicated nature of this process, we know that your knowledge of materials and adhesives may not be the strongest. However, our team of engineers are on hand at all times to offer their advice on the products that will suit your purpose.

If you think digital labelling is for you, then read on for more information on this product, which can be used by firms operating in several sectors.

Fine Cut's digital labels

Our team of specialists now offers one of the most advanced digital print facilities in the UK, with a variety of digital printers. Among our machines is the state-of-the-art UV flatbed with full colour management system.

Introducing digital printing technology has allowed Fine Cut to diversify our current product range, while responding more rapidly to customers with an even higher quality of service.

Skyrocketing demand for screen-printed labels forms an important part of our product range, but that's not all. We believe that investment in emerging technology is of great importance if we are to fulfill our aim of remaining at the forefront of label and overlay supply to our customer base.

What are they used for?

The Fine Cut Direct Digital Process means on-demand digital labels and overlay printing can be achieve to photographic quality, along with the added luxury of variable data serial numbering and barcode inclusion.

Our presses guarantee an optimum print quality on a wide variety of substances including polycarbonates, PVC, vinyls, metal, polyesters and glass.

State-of-the-art technology means companies can order overlays, membrane switches, mousemats and keypads with a true liquid ink offset quality quantity printing for quantities as few as one at a fraction of the standard production time.

Types of digital labels

Fine Cut's digital label offering can suit several specifications, including industrial labels, product labels, graphic overlays, nameplates and domed labels.

Need our help?

We understand that deciding which type of labels are best suited to your requirements can be a difficult task - particularly for those with limited knowledge of the industry. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way throughout the production process.

Right label for the job?

Answering the following questions will help you to decide on the label that is best for your needs.

- Will the labels contain images, photos or barcodes?
- What will they be used for?
- Do they need to be in colour, or black and white?
- Does the label need to be easily removable, or will it remain stuck firmly to the surface?
- Which specific substances do they need to be resistant to?

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