A guide to Fine Cut's custom-printed labels

31st October 2013 - Fine Cut
A guide to Fine Cut's custom-printed labels

The requirement for high quality labels for companies within a variety of industries remains a key priority running through all of Fine Cut's operations, as we continue to strive to provide the best possible service for our customers.

By requesting our services, firms can rest assured in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest standard in terms of label printing, which is reflected through our use of the machinery we utilise.

When it comes to deciding the type of labels that are best-suited to your business requirements, Fine Cut is dedicated to delivering the best possible products with the most successful end results.

We understand that your knowledge of the labelling industry may not be the best, so our dedicated team of engineers are always on hand to offer their advice on the products that are likely to suit your purpose.

Read on for more information about custom-printed labels, which could be used by companies operating in a wide range of sectors - and for several purposes.

Fine Cut's custom-printed labels

Our team manufactures high quality custom-printed labels for a variety of sectors. Included in our range are foil printed labels, vinyl labels, product labels, screen printed labels and state-of-the-art digitally printed labels.

As part of the production process, Fine Cut's engineers use the best of the best in terms of technology to create the highest quality labels on the market.

Custom-printed labels can be transferred on to almost every material, while our in-house studio is responsible for designing your labels so they match your exact specification.

Labels are available in any size, shape or colour and can be created to feature your company details or logo, as well as variable data, barcodes, photographs or product details. Our wide range of adhesives means products will suit all surfaces such as plastics, metals, wood, cardboard or resins.

Need advice?

At Fine Cut, we understand that deciding which type of labels best suit your requirements can be a difficult task - particularly with limited knowledge of the industry. This is why our dedicated team of staff are with you every step of the way throughout the production process.

We can recommend and advise on several key issues, including material and finish. However, read on for more information about things you may need to consider.

Choosing the right label for the right job

Due to the high number of materials available for the production of custom-printed labels, it is best to think about what it will be used for in order to determine the perfect surface.

Answering the following questions will help you to decide.

- Will the labels contain images, photos or barcodes?
- What will they be used for?
- Do they need to be in colour, or black and white?
- Does the label need to be easily removable, or will it remain stuck firmly to the surface?
- Which specific substances do they need to be resistant to?

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