Screen Print


Our oldest print method still going strong – screen printing is still high in demand for its durability, high density colour and the variety of colours and textures available. Used for sheet materials mainly but can also be used to print flat free issue parts.

Technical Spec

Process Features

  • Opaque high density colour
  • Hard wearing
  • No protective coating required
  • Colour match any ral colour
  • Metallics & speciality inks
  • Textured finishes
  • Variety of adhesive options

Typical Applications

Material Options

Illustrative image of Vinyl
Name: Vinyl
Finish: Clear | White | Coloured | Gloss | Matt
Thickness: up to 100 micron
Illustrative image of Polycarbonate
Name: Polycarbonate
Finish: Gloss | Velvet | Matt | FR
Thickness: 125-500 micron depending on finish
Illustrative image of MRPVC
Finish: Clear | Gloss | Textured
Thickness: up to 400 micron
Illustrative image of Polyester
Name: Polyester
Finish: Clear | White | Gloss | Matt
Thickness: up to 200 micron
Illustrative image of Acetate
Name: Acetate
Finish: Clear | Gloss
Thickness: up to 100 micron
Illustrative image of Fluted Polypropylene
Name: Fluted Polypropylene
Finish: Transparent | Opaque
Thickness: up to 6mm
Illustrative image of Plastic
Name: Plastic
Finish: Any
Thickness: up to 500 micron
Illustrative image of Acrylic
Name: Acrylic
Finish: Clear | Opaque | Frosted
Thickness: up to 6mm
Illustrative image of Metal
Name: Metal
Finish: Steel | Aluminium | Brass | Copper
Thickness: up to 100mm
Illustrative image of Glass
Name: Glass
Finish: Any
Thickness: up to 100mm
Illustrative image of Free Issue Parts
Name: Free Issue Parts
Finish: Any of above
Thickness: up to 100mm

Maximum Size

Sheet material - 1200mm x 1000mm
Free issue parts - please enquire


  • Inside
  • Outside
UV Sunlight: Complete UV stability
Submersion: Combined with the right material and/or adhesive
Abrasion: Hard wearing and abrasion resistant
Chemicals: Chemical resistant

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