The Shoal is a project featuring a number of sculpted seats which snake along the length of the jetty.

They are embellished with fish-shaped metal plaques featuring sponsored messages to celebrate the lives of people in the community.

We used the latest marking technology to engrave the individual messages onto the fish shaped metal plaques which take centre place along the length of the bench.

Those residents who have donated to the project will have their names engraved on sprat, sardine or mackerel plaques.

Sponsorship prices range from £85 for a ‘sprat’ to £1,000 to have a message on one of the seven ‘magnificent mackerel’ benches.

The brainchild of Christian Funnell, a renowned local sculptor and Gabby Tofts, a gardener, The Shoal, signifies the ‘ultimate gift to Seaford’, and a space for residents to meet and enjoy picturesque views across the seafront.

The sculpture has been the talk of the town since the outset and forms part of a £2.2 million improvement scheme along the seafront announced by Seaford Town Council last month.

More details about the Shoal can be found at the official website.