Fine Cut’s Input to the 2019 Festival of Speed

Fine Cut’s Input to the 2019 Festival of Speed

Case Studies

Radical Sportscars, a UK based manufacturer of performance cars, launched their first road legal car at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The ‘Rapture’ is powered by a 350bhp 2.3-litre turobocharged Ford ecoboost engine and can hit 0-6mph in just 3 seconds with a top speed of 165mph. It’s an incredibly lightweight performance car which will no doubt be a statement on the road.

For a car that’s set to attract a lot of attention, quality nameplates and branding were a top priority. This is why Peterborough based Radical approached us to make them for the new launch.

At Fine Cut, we pride ourselves as being one of the leading manufacturers of identification and badging with continuous work being made for high-end companies who want to enhance their brand.

Radical first engaged with Fine Cut after learning about the in-house digital aluminium printing, a versatile and incredibly durable metal nameplate process.

Radical were experiencing issues with the print durability after engines went through a number of heat cycles and had to endure constant exposure to harsh fluids. From here, they were set about finding a more durable solution and for 3 years Fine Cut have been the exclusive provider of these parts. You can read more about our digital aluminium printing capabilities here.

Since that first engagement, Fine Cut have listened to the problems and brought solutions to each of the graphical requirements such as the dashboard, domed nose badge, serialised engine description plates and self-adhesive oil branding label.

The Rapture Badge:

For the Rapture badge itself, the initial brief was to produce a low volume run of metal nameplates. Running a small batch of metal nameplates can be an issue for most manufacturers, however with the technical skills and state of the art equipment available, it wasn’t a problem achieving a realistic price point.

The badge design was to follow the profile of the distinct rapture logo, a smooth flowing calligraphy logo can open up many problems when the part is under scrupulous inspection, simply due to the curves and acute angles presented. To overcome this, our skilled team of artworkers who have a clear knowledge of each machine’s intricate set up parameters, ensure the lines in any CAD file are error free.

The final consideration for the badge, was the fixing of it, Fine Cut welded threaded fixing studs in precise locations to ensure a clean fit through the mesh. Once the full design was agreed and signed off, production was turned around in just 5 days. Precision laser cut from stainless steel and finally chrome plated.

Fine Cut are pleased to support the launch of the new car, and continue a working relationship which celebrates the best of British Manufacturing.

For more details on the Rapture, visit Radical Sportscars

Photography by Oliver Read @ReadPics

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Fine Cut's Input to the 2019 Festival of Speed