Brass Type

Fine Cut offers its customers one of the most extensive collections of brass type in the world, encapsulating traditional type faces, foreign language fonts and contemporary designs - all available in a variety of point sizes. Our brass type is manufactured by experts to the most exacting standards, benefiting our customers with perfect alignment - every time.  

Clarity and Versatility 

Our skilled craftsmen use both traditional methods and cutting edge machinery to produce a hard, durable and uniform character. The result? A sharper, altogether clearer impression.  Our brass type is equally suited to use in a hand typeholder or a blocking press.

We normally supply fonts of type in combinations of 100 or 150 upper case pieces with 80 pieces lower case, and foreign language fonts are available as per our style sheets. However, any alternative combination of type is available on request, and if you cannot find the language or alphabet you require, please supply us with a sample print and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. 

  • Product Details

    Fonts of type are normally supplied in combinations of 100 or 150 upper case pieces, with 80 piece lower case. Although any combination is available on request.

    Foreign language fonts are available as shown on the style sheets. If the language you require is not included please supply a sample print and a quotation will be supplied.

    Sets of 12 quads and 50 hair spaces are available in all point sizes for use with our brass type.

  • Normal Fonts

    View the list of available fonts below. To download a High Res version of all fonts... click here

  • Foreign Fonts

    View the list of available fonts below. To download a High Res version of all fonts... click here

  • Useful Information

    Fine Cut type is supplied in the following combinations.

    Standard 100 piece upper case font:

    Standard 150 piece upper case font:

    Standard 80 piece lower case font

    Surcharges for less than one full font
    0 - 25 pcs = 100% 26 - 50 pcs = 50% 51 - 75 pcs = 25% 76 - 99 pcs = 15%

    Punctuation & Sign Set
    A punctuation/sign set is available in any point size. It includes:

    All type is supplied as printers type high - .9195” (23.35mm) unless otherwise stated.

    Fine Cut type is manufactured in two different heights:
    Printers type high = .9195” (23.35mm)
    English Blocking height = .250” (6.35mm)
    Special heights can be made to order.

    A useful tip to remember is that 72 points = 1 inch. When referring to point size this determines the actual size of the body. Fine Cut type is supplied with the appropriate size of character engraved on it. All standard Fine Cut type is engraved flush to the top of the body, but central is also supplied to order at no extra cost. 6pt type is supplied on an 8pt body.

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Client Testimonials

“ Thank you, Peter, for the splendid job you have done in designing and making this tool for us. It is a pleasure to handle and operate. Your dimensions are spot on. The handle is nicely shaped and well finished.”

- Peter , Book Restorer

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