Subject Access Request (‘Sar’) Procedure

Fine Cut does not process large quantities of information about individuals (individuals are also known as ‘Data Subjects’). Communication between Fine Cut and its customers relate to business matters and not about the individual itself, however all individuals (customers, past/present employees/applicants/casual & contracted staff) have the right to submit a Subject Access Request (‘SAR’).

What rights do Data Subjects have?

Data Subjects have the right to obtain:

  • Confirmation that their data is being processed
  • Access to their personal data
  • Other supplementary information (mostly the information provided in privacy notices).
  • Given a description of the personal data, the reasons it is being processed, and whether it will be given to any other organisations or people;
  • Given a copy of the information comprising the data; and given details of the source of the data (where this is available).

How do Data Subjects submit requests for their information?

The information Fine Cut hold is available upon request by contacting

Individuals can also request their data is updated and/or deleted at any time, unless Fine Cut needs to retain it for legitimate business or legal purposes, by submitting a request to this email address.

Responding to Subject Access Requests

Fine Cut may ask the individual to verify their identity before their request is actioned.

Fine Cut has the right to ask the individual for enough information to judge whether the person making the request is the individual to whom the personal data relates. This is to avoid personal data about one individual being sent to another, accidentally or as a result of deception.

Fine Cut has the right to ask for information that is reasonably needed to find the personal data covered by the request. If no personal information about the individual is held, they will be informed.

If data processing is outsourced, subject access requests may be sent to the third party to respond.

Fine Cut GDPR Compliance Manager will refer to the Company’s GDPR Data Register to locate all the information held on the individual and liaise with the IT Department plus any other Fine Cut department and/or Third Parties concerned in order to collate all the information.

Information will be provided within at least one month of receiving the request. Where requests are complex or numerous, Fine Cut has the right to extend the deadline for providing the information to three months. However, a response to the request explaining why the extension is necessary, will be sent within one month.

Data Access Requests that are manifestly unfounded or excessive can be refused or a charge be made. If a request is refused, the individual will be informed as to why and advised that they have the right to complain to the ICO and to a judicial remedy. The refusal will be made without undue delay and at the latest, within one month.

Information will be provided free of charge.