What kind of security label should I choose?  

There are several kinds of security label, which can be used either on the product itself or to secure packaging. These labels not only indicate when a product has been tampered with, but can also act as a deterrent. Here is an overview of the main types available today, and how they work. 

Void evident labels 

Void evident labels provide a clear means of showing when a product has been tampered with by leaving the word ‘void’ on the product or packaging when the label itself has been peeled away. To achieve this, the labels are made with special adhesives, coatings or laminates, which allow the label to contain several layers. This means that when the label is peeled away, part of it stays behind – and it is this part that displays the ‘void’ text. 

There are several kinds of void evident label to choose from. The most common is partial transfer labels, which use a special patterned coating to create the ‘void’ text. As a result, when the label is peeled away, the bottom layer splits between the label and the product or packaging it’s stuck to, making it possible to see ‘void’ written on both. 

Other kinds of void evident label are total transfer and non-transfer. The former typically have a coating that acts as an extra layer between the top of the label and adhesive, so when the label is peeled away, both the adhesive and coating, complete with the text, remain. Non-transfer labels typically have ‘void’ printed on the back of the label, again revealing the message when removed. 

Void evident labels are typically very durable. For example, it’s possible for the message left behind to withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees C. 

Tamper evident labels 

Tamper evident labels work in a similar way to void evident, in that they leave a mark when peeled away. In the case of tamper evident labels, that can be anything from a pattern to a message. However, a key difference between the two varieties is that tamper evident labels fragment if someone attempts to remove them, making it extremely difficult to actually get them off cleanly. This is thanks to a combination of the label material itself and a sensitive adhesive.  

These labels are often used on packaging. An intact tamper evident label provides the customer with proof that the product has not been opened or otherwise tampered with.  

Like void evident labels, tamper evident are also a highly durable option, able to withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees C. 

Security slits  

Labels with security slits are very hard to remove in one piece. They differ from tamper evident labels in that the slits are immediately visible on the surface of the label, and the label fragments according to the pattern of the slits when someone attempts to remove it. Typically, they work by using a strong acrylic adhesive to bond to the surface of the product (usually plastics, metals or powder-coated surfaces). 

Like the other kind of security label, this variety is extremely durable and can usually be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions.  

Why choose security labels from Fine Cut?  

We have been producing security labels for over 40 years, and pride ourselves on our ability to innovate our processes and invest in cutting edge machinery so we can meet your needs exactly. We then decide the most effective means of production for the best result – even if that means taking an unconventional approach. 

Plus, we are always on hand to advise you on the best materials and adhesives for your needs – and to keep you up-to-date with new options that may suit you better. Here are five great ways our service can help you: 

Reliable labels from an industry leader 

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Huge choice of standard and bespoke security labels 

In addition to a comprehensive range, we provide all the services you need under one roof, from initial consultation right through to printing and delivery. Our comprehensive range of security label services saves you the time and hassle of sourcing several suppliers. All our labels are made with high-quality, durable materials and adhesives to create a reliable means of ascertaining whether a product has or has not been tampered with.  

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You’ll only ever receive the best solution for your needs at Fine Cut – and we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service at a competitive price. 

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We understand there’s no such thing as one size fits all – that’s why we take a flexible approach to producing your labels, giving you the ability to get exactly what you need with no compromises. Plus, you will liaise directly with the experts producing your labels from the outset – a faster ordering process that helps ensure you get the very best product for your needs. 

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