Hotfoil Marking


Although not technically a printing method – hotfoil uses a heated die to adhere foil with pressure to a variety of substrates. Finishes can be either surface foiled or embossed and foiled on to softer substrates for a more luxurious finish.

Technical Spec

Process Features

  • Flat | convex | concave | cylindrical shapes
  • Spectrum of colours including metallics
  • Rotary printing up to 90mm diameter
  • Completely bespoke designs
  • Achievable on a variety of materials & free issue parts

Typical Applications

  • Badges
  • Automotive
  • Components
  • Thumbwheels
  • Leather goods
  • Stationery goods
  • Free issue parts (<15mm depth / 90mm dia)

Material Options

Illustrative image of Plastic
Name: Plastic
Finish: Any
Thickness: up to 15mm
Illustrative image of Paper
Name: Paper
Finish: Any
Thickness: up to 300gsm
Illustrative image of Card
Name: Card
Finish: Any
Thickness: up to 540gsm
Illustrative image of Leather
Name: Leather
Finish: Natural | Suede | PU
Thickness: up to 3mm | up to 15mm if book cover
Illustrative image of Fabric
Name: Fabric
Finish: Natural | Synthetic
Thickness: up to 1mm | up to 15mm if book cover
Illustrative image of Wood
Name: Wood
Finish: Man made | Natural | Synthetic
Thickness: up to 15mm
Illustrative image of Free Issue Parts
Name: Free Issue Parts
Finish: Any within parameters
Thickness: up to 15mm / 90mm dia

Maximum Size

Maximum print area - 150mm x 100mm
Maximum diameter 90mm


  • Inside
Abrasion: Light abrasion - although hot foil is a durable method
Liquids: Light cleaning and spill proof - do not submerge
Chemicals: Not recommended

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Hotfoil Marking