Precise and Permanent Laser Marking for Components 

Precise and Permanent Laser Marking for Components 


Hundreds of customer supplied free issue parts or components come through our factory every day to be permanently marked.

Whether it is for branding, serialisation or something a little more bespoke – we offer a wide range of marking services including print and engraving, but laser marking is most often the option of choice. Its permanency and flexibility, combined with precision detail and the ability to mark both flat and 3D components makes it a firm favourite. 

A free issue part can be anything from a tube, disc or plate to electronic housing and casings, calibration equipment, machine front panels and parts. Stainless steel and aluminium parts laser with ease, leaving a smooth to the touch finish, hardly altering the surface of the material texturally, but creating a high contrast effect with the guarantee that the mark is completely permanent. 

The types of works we undertake include the marking of;

  • Barcodes | QR Codes | Data Matrix
  • Serialisation | Personalisation
  • Calibration Scales | Grids
  • Asset Tags | ID Marking | Asset labels
  • Product Codes | Instructions | Warnings
  • Product Branding | Decoration

Laser marking is incredibly versatile and can be applied to almost any shaped product within our parameters. We also offer 360-degree rotary laser marking – capable of creating seamless wrap around designs to cylindrical products. Depending on the finish of the material, light and dark marks can be achieved and on coated metals the top surface can be lasered away to reveal the metal underneath. For full details on our laser marking capabilities please visit the website.

We supply our laser engraving service to a huge range of British Manufacturers across a variety of industries including Electronic & Instrumentation, Automotive, Entertainment, Hospitality and many more. Supporting the British supply chain is very important to us, and our services offers those whose products are made in Britain to stay in Britain for their manufacturing journey. 

Each client has a very different and specific requirement for their product and come to us knowing that we have the experience in handling free issue parts, the knowledge and understanding of how each part will mark as well as turning parts around quickly when tight deadlines are needed. This trust has allowed us to established long-standing relationships with clients who return for our services time and time again.

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“I just wanted to thank you directly for turning around those (laser engraved) footballs so quickly and efficiently. Thank you”
Visual Concept Designers
“The caps arrived and look fantastic. Many thanks again for sorting them out so quickly, much appreciated.”
Brand Design Agency
“Just received the asset labels. Thank you to you and your team for a great service”
Energies & Services Contractors
“I just wanted to send you a brief email to say THANK YOU! The labels have arrived and everyone is really pleased with them! Thank you very much.”
Aviation Manufacturer

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Precise and Permanent Laser Marking for Components