Laser marking leather can be difficult to perfect. There is an extremely small margin of acceptance where the mark creates a dark enough contrast to stand out, while not burning the leather. As leather is animal hide, it responds differently than more conventional materials such as wood or metal. Leather tends to blister instead of char and as such finding that perfect balance can be difficult. That being send, PU Leathers can also pose difficulties due to the manmade aspects of the material which can react when the laser is applied.

Knowing what particular settings need to be used for the various leather types, thicknesses and finishes are all a result of being an industry leader in laser engraving. We are able to cut and laser mark to almost any shape, size and design. 

These coasters were part of a ‘Movember’ campaign, depicting characters from Breaking Bad, The A Team and Star Wars. Cut to shape and laser marked with different designs to create a set of branded coasters.