Our dedicated engraving team work with a wide range of plastics: please see below for further details on the range of plastic materials we can mark and cut. If you can’t find what you're looking for here, please get in touch as we can source other materials for special projects.

  • Acrylic

    Acrylic is a justifiably popular plastic for cutting and marking as it totally vaporises when cut.  Enabling photo-quality engraving and precision cutting, this is the plastic of choice for signage and displays. 

    Example: Black Acrylic


    Example: Clear Acrylic


  • ABS

    Acrylonite Butadiene Styrene offers superb impact resistance since it is manufactured at such a low temperature. Ideal for product prototypes, our skilled team deliver a consistently clean finish with this material. 

  • Laminate

    We can mark and cut sheets of laminate of virtually all thicknesses thanks to the skill of our craftsmen and the quality of the machinery we use. This is a material used widely in the industrial sector. 

    Example: Surelase


    Example: Engraving Laminate (White / Black)


  • Styrene (Hips)

    A flexible and impact resistant plastic, suitable for laser marking and cutting. Our craftsmen use the very latest technology to ensure a clean and precise finish on high impact polystyrene sheet (HIPS). 

  • Polypropylene

    A durable and flexible material ideal for both laser marking and cutting. Polypropylene is a popular manufacturing plastic, used in a wide variety of applications across a multitude of industries. 

  • Polyester (Inc PetG)

    Resistant to both shrinking and wrinkling under heat, Polyester allows for extremely clean laser cutting, and precise laser marking when working with a small surface area. 

  • Polycarbonate

    Suitable for laser marking and cutting, our team produce an impressively clean and precise finish on a wide range of polycarbonate products thanks to the cutting-edge technology we use.

The below table details which plastics can be laser marked and / or cut.

Laser Mark Laser Cut
Acrylic Yes Yes
ABS Yes Yes
Engraving Laminate Yes Yes
Styrene (Hips) Yes Yes
Polypropylene Yes  Yes
Polyester (Inc PetG) Yes Yes
Polycarbonate Yes Yes

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“ You were right, it does look stunning! Its being plated at the moment so looking forward to presenting it to the architect tomorrow, think they will be delighted. ”

- Jon , Architectural Fabricators

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