Our experienced team work with a wide range of specialist materials such as fabric, rubber and glass: please see below for further details on the abundance of materials we can mark and cut. If you can’t find what you're looking for here, please get in touch as we can source other materials for special projects.

  • Fabric

    Our team can handle almost any project brief, cutting and marking materials as diverse as fabric, thanks to our decades of experience and the pioneering machinery we use. 

  • Leather

    We use cutting-edge, precision technology to cut and mark fine leather products of various grades and  thicknesses. 

    Example: Leather


  • Stone & Marble

    Suitable for laser marking & CNC engraving, our craftsmen use the very latest technology to ensure a clean and precise finish on stone and marble - regardless of thickness.  

    Example: Stone


  • Glass & Mirror

    Our talented team of engravers deliver a consistently crystal-clear finish on glass and mirror items. A popular choice for decorative and commemorative products. 

  • Ceramic

    Suitable for laser marking only, our team produce an impressively clean and precise finish on a wide range of ceramic products thanks to the cutting-edge technology we use.

  • Foam

    We can mark and cut foam in all thicknesses without distortion or warping thanks to the skill of our craftsmen and the quality of the machinery we use. This is a material used widely in the industrial sector for purposes as varied as upholstery and packaging. 

  • Cork

    The properties of cork make it an ideal material for both laser cutting and marking. The technology we use enables contactless processing so that the material encounters no damage, and chipping waste is minimised.

  • Rubber

    Offering good resistance to weather and heat factors, rubber is a popular manufacturing product in a variety of industries and a suitable material for both laser cutting and marking. 

The below table details which materials can be laser marked and / or cut.

Laser Mark Laser Cut
Fabric Yes Yes
Leather Yes Yes
Stone & Marble Yes  No
Glass & Mirror Yes No
Ceramic Yes No
Foam Yes Yes
Cork Yes Yes
Rubber Yes Yes
Paper & Card Yes Yes

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Client Testimonials

“ Just had our mdf panels arrive back with me, they look fantastic, thanks for all your help especially with the really short turnaround time.”

- Rachel , Brands Specialist

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