Precision engraving on Royal engagement coin comes under fire

22nd December 2010 - Fine Cut

A special commemorative coin was issued today to mark the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton but the precision engraving of the couple's faces has come under fire because critics say there isn't much of a resemblance to either partner.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the Alderney coin has a denomination of £5 and comes in its own presentation folder.

The image, designed by the Royal Mint's head of design Matthew Bonaccorsi, has received Prince William's Royal approval as well as that of the Queen.

The commemorative coin for Prince Charles and Diana's engagement had a better resemblance of the couple, with precision engraving that illustrated a real likeness of the heir to the throne and his fiancé.

The Daily Mail claims that Kate's upper lip has been plumped beyond recognition and she's been given a broad neck that the paper says makes her look more masculine.

The Prince has been given a huge Adam's apple "which appears to have been enlarged to match the size of his nose" and his head has been cropped "tactfully to conceal his thinning hair".

Only 100,000 of these coins, with their controversial precision engraving, will be minted and just 50,000 of the Alderney coins will be available in the special presentation folders.

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