New £2 coin honours Charles Dickens

08th December 2011 - Fine Cut

A new £2 coin has been commissioned to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth, reports the Mail Online.

The coin's design employs precision engraving to form a picture of Charles Dickens, composed entirely out of words and phrases from his various books.

Held at a distance, the author's profile can be recognised, beard and all. It is based on the famous bust of Dickens which is kept at the Charles Dickens Museum in London.

Titles inscribed on the coin, among others, include 'Oliver Twist', 'A Christmas Carol' and 'Bleak House'. Etched along the side of the coin is what some may consider an ironically appropriate quote, made by the "ever-optimistic" Mr Micawber in 'David Copperfield' which reads: "something will turn up".

Two versions of the coin will be released. The first, an uncirculated coin, will go on sale to collectors later this week, priced at £8.50, via the Royal Mint website.

The general circulation version will be available early next year to coincide with the anniversary on 7 February.

Creator, artist Matthew Dent spoke to The Guardian about the coin's clever design: "I wanted the design of the coin to reference both the immense contribution Dickens has made to British literature and his iconic portrait."

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