CNC Engraved Globe Sculpture

Fine Cut CNC engraved 6m lengths of polished stainless steel with the companies' employee names, the pieces were then shaped and welded to create the globe sculpture.

Our engraving team worked day and night to complete the lettering engraving for this sculpture. Each length of stainless steel came in at 6m long and had to be engraved using our CNC machine from end to end with the companies' employee names.

Once Fine Cut had engraved each length of steel they were shipped off to another company where the parts were shaped and welded to produce the globe structure.

The sculpture was designed and produced as a sign of appreciation for the employees by the technology company, and it stands proud at their Geneva building in Switzerland. 

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Client Testimonials

“ Many thanks for the delivery of the Iceni Forensic Scale Sets, A great job and looking good following the development that went into them. Your efforts and approach meant we had found the right material following exhaustive test and trials on coating and lasing cut and etching etc. The understanding of client requirements, no matter how unusual was refreshing and shows in the delivered results. Thanks Colin, a cracking job! You should know that the product is receiving great reviews from end users ”

- Neil , Forensic Equipment Manufacturer