Motion Pictures Scale Tube

These carbon fiber tubes are CNC engraved to produce measuring scales that fit to state of the art motion picture camera equipment. 

Fine Cut's engraving team twice engrave these black carbon fiber tubes using our computer engraving system, they are engraved with deep notches and a measuring scale. Once engraved the indentations are in-filled with white.

The tubes are produced for a motion control company who supply for film and television production to the likes of Universal Studios and Paramount. The tubes are fitted to the camera housing and used to measure height and distance of the camera angle and position when filming. 

These parts have been used for a precise and portable motion control head used in huge blockbuster films such as Harry Potter, Bond, Gladiator etc

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Client Testimonials

“ The guys at Fine Cut are not only a fine bunch of friendly professional guys to deal with but they also produced laser work, which was more than fine standard. Maybe they need some PR work done, which clearly they don't need - How about changing Fine Cut to Excellent Cut, but then, we are all tricked into everything being excellent in life, when in fact just Fine or more than Fine is plenty good enough. Many thanks Fine Cut ”

- Ian , Engraving Customer