Lloyds of London Honour Boards

These resin covered fibreglass structures are an impressive 2.8m tall and stand proud on the 11th floor of the prestigious Lloyds of London building.

Our reputation for precision engraving ensured that updating these historic monoliths is a year on year job for Fine Cut. Between 1 & 2 boards are annually updated with Chairmen and Director appointments which must match the previous style.

The boards date back to the early 20th century and it was imperative to add the new engravings in a style that would not look out of place against earlier engraving. A great deal of time was spent in our in-house design studio, carefully matching and perfecting the typeface as no digital files were supplied and all artwork had to be crafted to match the original.

Once our design team had crafted the appropriate computer generated typeface, patterns were cut on our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines for our 2D hand engravers to follow for the final impression. Once all the letters were engraved, Fine Cut painted each character to finish the engraved stone effect.

Using the lightweight fibreglass allows the monument to be updated regularly, easily dismantled, transported and engraved - ensuring a smooth operation of this precious article and saving both time & money for the customer.

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Client Testimonials

“ Many thanks for the delivery of the Iceni Forensic Scale Sets, A great job and looking good following the development that went into them. Your efforts and approach meant we had found the right material following exhaustive test and trials on coating and lasing cut and etching etc. The understanding of client requirements, no matter how unusual was refreshing and shows in the delivered results. Thanks Colin, a cracking job! You should know that the product is receiving great reviews from end users ”

- Neil , Forensic Equipment Manufacturer