Bespoke Brass Furniture Handle

This Handle was laser etched with a deep engraving in to solid brass.

The brass handle was designed for a bespoke piece of furniture allowing the furniture manufacturers to personalise the pieces.

The free issue handle made from solid brass was supplied with a standard polished finish. Fine Cut produced a deep engraving using special high powered lasers to create this complex pattern.

The accuracy of the laser engraving was imperative to create this pattern and shows the versatility of the laser engraving process and the fine detail that can be achieved.

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Client Testimonials

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Colin and his team for all the effort in achieving what turned out to be a first class product, when you consider all the obstacles that were put in the way a good team effort proved to deliver. On presenting the samples to the team it is a long time since I have sat opposite a bunch of people that were stunned into silence with the quality.”

- Mike , Brand Specialists